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Fully Charged are delighted to be the UK's premium retailer of Butchers and Bicycles.

Designed with passion and hand built in Copenhagen, Butchers & Bicycles have delivered an electric cargo bike that is so functional, exciting and beautiful, it competes very well with other means of urban transportation.

Built to tilt, Butchers and Bicycle's cargo bikes give the riding pleasure of a 2 wheel bike while having the space and practicality of a three wheeled bike. The designers have patented tilt mechanism design that allows the rider to lean into corners, giving a safer and more thrilling ride.

Whether it's doing the school run or delivering goods, Butchers & Bicycles have what you need, the many accessory choices and 3 electric bikes currently on offer, Butchers and Bicycles cater for a wide range of possibilities.

Combining the Bosch Performance Line system with the patented built to tilt technology, you have a wonderful blend that gives you a truly brilliant riding experience.

Please Note: These bikes do not qualify for free delivery due to their size

Butchers & Bicycles MK1-E Vario
Custom Order 2-4 Weeks
Butchers & Bicycles MK1-E Vario
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